Hiking Mount Watatic

Having an unclaimed weekend is getting pretty rare for Erin and I, but earlier this month we found ourselves with a free Sunday! So, we opened up the Boston Best Hikes for Dogs book, and picked Mount Watatic for a day trip with Biscuit.

Flying: The $100 Hamburger in Keene

In July, my friend Michael was in town and I knew he would jump at the chance to take some unique pictures, so I invited him and another friend Matt to go for a fun afternoon flight to get some lunch.

Learning to Fly: First Solo

I’ve been curious about flying for a long time. When I was in middle school, I talked my parents into purchasing a remote-controlled airplane for me, which was awesome, until I crashed it and ripped a hole in the skin on the wing. Last year, I flew on a small plane with Cape Air, an airline that flies small planes (8-10 people) to remote parts of New England, like Erin’s Family’s river house on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York.

Lonesome Lake

In mid-November, Sam, Elise, Erin and I made a trip up into the White Mountains of New Hampshire to visit a friend of Sam’s who worked as care taker in the AMC mountain lodges in the area. He was stationed at Lonesome Lake, and was throwing a going-away party, as this weekend was his last weekend as a caretaker before he became a full-time writer.