Hiking Mount Moosilauke

The weather forecast looked beautiful for the entire week leading up to Saturday, and it had been so long since Erin and I had done a full camping weekend. So, the plan was set: head to New Hampshire early Saturday, summit one of the more accessible 4000ft-ers and camp overnight at the new AAC Rumney campground.

Hiking Mount Watatic

Having an unclaimed weekend is getting pretty rare for Erin and I, but earlier this month we found ourselves with a free Sunday! So, we opened up the Boston Best Hikes for Dogs book, and picked Mount Watatic for a day trip with Biscuit.

Learning to Fly: First Solo

I’ve been curious about flying for a long time. When I was in middle school, I talked my parents into purchasing a remote-controlled airplane for me, which was awesome, until I crashed it and ripped a hole in the skin on the wing. Last year, I flew on a small plane with Cape Air, an airline that flies small planes (8-10 people) to remote parts of New England, like Erin’s Family’s river house on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York.

Lonesome Lake

In mid-November, Sam, Elise, Erin and I made a trip up into the White Mountains of New Hampshire to visit a friend of Sam’s who worked as care taker in the AMC mountain lodges in the area. He was stationed at Lonesome Lake, and was throwing a going-away party, as this weekend was his last weekend as a caretaker before he became a full-time writer.