Our trusty airplane, N3572M

I earned my Private Pilot’s license back in January, but wasn’t able to do much flying until summer came around. In July, my friend Michael was in town and I knew he would jump at the chance to take some unique pictures, so I invited him and another friend Matt to go for a fun afternoon flight to get some lunch.

I rent airplanes from East Coast Aero Club, based at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA, in the suburbs of Boston. The original idea was to fly from Bedford to Martha’s Vineyard for the afternoon. But the day of our flight, the entire Cape had very low ceilings, so instead we flew north to Keene, NH, where the weather was much more agreeable.

Piper Warriors on the KBED ramp
Preflight checks
The control panel for N3572M
Watching traffic while waiting for departure
Boston skyline in the distance
Talking on the radio
Squawk VFR
Downtown Keene. We made it!
Taxiing at Keene
Mount Monadnock's rocky summit
Sun breaking through the clouds
Final approach back to KBED