Erin and Biscuit at the parking lot entrace

Having an unclaimed weekend is getting pretty rare for Erin and I, but earlier this month we found ourselves with a free Sunday! So, we opened up the Boston Best Hikes for Dogs book, and picked Mount Watatic for a day trip with Biscuit.

Mount Watatic is a Massachusetts state park just north of Fitchburg, about an hour away from Boston. The hike itself is pretty easy, around three miles round trip with some vertical elevation gain, but not too much.

The view from the summit is fantastic. There’s a rocky summit from which you can see Boston, Mount Wachusett, and Mount Monadnock in the distance.

On the way down, we encountered the bane of spring hiking: mud. Biscuit did not seem to mind; in fact, I’d say he enjoyed it!

Sniffing a fallen tree on the way up.
Finding the cairns that lead to the top.
There's a small dedication monument at the top.
We've reached the summit!
Biscuit leads the way through the mud.
Erin and I follow Biscuit through the mud.
A good hike leads to a happy dog.