Five Basic Project Build Commands

I'm a big fan of getting the basics of development right first when starting a new project or joining an existing one. One of those basic practices is _one-step builds_. However, I like to extend this idea to include not just building the project, but also bootstrapping a new development environment, migrating the database, running tests, and, if necessary, deploying.

Climbing Grades

I was talking with my friend Ben Hutt today about climbing grades. Ben has a new friend who is eager to go climbing outside. Ben was telling me about a conversation with him, and said:

And I quote, "Quincy and the gunks are harder than most places "for the grade"

Your thoughts? I mean... they kind of are?

But at the same time, Cathedral / Whitehorse is pretty close, I think I agree 50%. Because of the relative nature of climbing grades, there is no absolute, so you always need a comparison.